What is an underground utility?

What is an underground utility?

May 14, 2021

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What is an underground utility?

We all walk around without stopping to think of the sheer subterranean metropolis that lies beneath our feet!

Underground utility surveys, use mapping data and technology to provide a complete survey of sites no matter their size.

By determining the location and quality of this underground infrastructure, a contractor can create an all-encompassing map of a given area. With this data at hand, work can be undertaken confidently before and during excavation, making the chance of any mishaps or Minimising the chance of any damage caused.

Are there different methods of underground utility surveying?

There are two main methods of survey for underground utility – RFL and GPR. You will often find that most providers will use a mixture of the two technologies to guarantee that all the underground assets have been located.


RFL (Radio Frequency Location) technology uses radio signals to trace an area. This is done by placing targets in critical areas of the specified client location.

Featuring a passive and active mode, RFL is often used for collecting data from several underground utilities, including fuel pipes, electricity cables, gas and water pipes.


GPR (Ground Penetration/Probing Radar) technology is used to locate objects that are ‘foreign’ to their surroundings.

In this case, foreign means any object made with a differing material to its current habitat, e.g. plastic cabling in a metallic, brick or stone surrounding.

When used in tandem with RFL, GPR is helpful to detect locations of utilities that would otherwise be invisible!

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