Regardless of your sector, Ltd offers a responsive, comprehensive, cost-effective solution for those seeking Utility Surveys.

Utility Surveys for…


The UK’s extensive road network is in constant need of maintenance and repair. Before any works can take place on a highway, a utilities survey or search (STATS Search) is required.

We at Ltd have 10+ years of experience in this area. Whether you are installing a streetlight or resurfacing a large tract of highway, we offer a cost-effective and efficient service. If you are working on behalf of a government agency, we may be able to obtain plans free of charge. These agencies include: Highways England, local councils, Highways Asset Support Contracts (ASC), Highways Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO). Please contact us for more details.

Construction Professionals

Architects, surveyors, civil engineers, structural engineers, builders, developers, consultants and legal practices will all require a desktop utility search at the feasibility/ design stage of any project that breaks ground. Knowing the location of the utilities from the outset will allow you to design around the known infrastructure. Diversion works and utility strikes can incur significant costs in terms of time, money & health and safety.

Utility Companies/Contractors

With a growing population, the demand placed on the UK’s utility infrastructure is constantly increasing. To cater for this, companies that specialise in utility surveys must increase the capacity of their networks. Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) and utility mapping company subcontractors are responsible for this. A desktop search will show potential connection points into the network and indicate location of the other utilities in the locality. We are able to supply plans for sites large and small.


The rise of the smartphone has led to an insatiable demand for mobile data. To meet this demand and to provide the best possible service, telecoms companies have been continually upgrading their infrastructure. 3G and 4G networks are now commonplace. With the imminent arrival of 5G, the telecoms companies and their contractors will require a desktop search as part of their works package. With our systems and processes, we are able to supply infinite numbers of desktop searches, which cover all of the UK.

Fixed underground cables are crucial in this sector and prevalent throughout the country. The industry heavyweights such as BT Openreach and Vodafone own much of the cable however there are numerous smaller scale providers supplying high speed fibre connections for business and homeowners alike. Striking a fibre cable may not be as dangerous as a gas pipe, however the cost implications should not be underestimated. A comprehensive utility search will reduce the risk of this.


An attempt to reduce carbon emissions has led to a huge increase in renewable energy projects. Windfarms, solar farms, hydropower, geothermal power and biofuels are all part of this mix. These projects usually connect into the National Grid with distribution cables. The location of these cables can only be defined after a feasibility study which includes a desktop search. We specialise in large and complex sites and would welcome any opportunity to tender for this work.