Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our utility Searches. Click the headings below to view the answers.

How do I obtain a Utility Search quote?
Once you have registered on our website, requesting a quote is simple. You will need to click the ‘Add new site search’ button on your account page. Then select the quote option at the top. Submit the order requirements and site location as usual. We will then email back a quote, usually within half an hour.
Am I able to track the progress of the Utility Searches?
Yes, the status of your report is shown on your account page. The letters shown in the ‘status’ section, represent the plans that are still outstanding. These letters stand for: g (gas), e (electricity), w (water), s (sewers), b (BT), c (cable), i (independent utilities), t (transport), CAD (CAD All-in-One).
What are the turnaround times?
We aim to have your search complete within 10 working days. The turnaround time is however dependant on what you order. A basic search (consisting of gas, electricity, water, sewer & BT plans) typically takes 3-4 working days. A cable search typically takes 9-10 working days. We issue reports on the same day that they are completed. If you require the plans sooner, please email us and we will send over what we have – Free of Charge. A CAD ‘All-in-One’ order will be sent up to 3 days after the utility search report is complete.
How do I obtain the correct grid co-ordinates for my site?
Please visit www.gridreferencefinder.com. Enter your post code/ address, navigate to the correct area and then right click in the exact location. Your grid co-ordinates will be shown under X (easting) and Y (northing). If you have a site larger than 100m x 100m, please upload a plan showing the site boundary.
Do the plans show the utility connections into my property?
Utility companies are not obliged to show local connections into properties, therefore these connections are not normally shown.
What is a disbursement?
Disbursements are the cost of plans levied by the utility companies. We do not add mark-ups to these costs.
How are the Utility Search reports delivered?
All reports are issued electronically in .pdf format. If you require a paper copy, please mention this in the notes section of the order page. There is a standard £10.00+VAT fee for this.
What is shown on a CAD All-in-One plan?
We transpose the utility lines from the .pdf plans obtained from the utility companies, on to an OS base map in .dwg format. We use our own line types which are designed to clearly show the different utilities that are present. As the CAD file is delivered in .dwg format, a client is able to change this to their own line type if necessary.
How do I pay for my Utility Searches?
Once the search report has been completed, we will issue an invoice electronically. You can either pay this by BACS transfer or cheque. Alternatively, we can issue a Worldpay ‘pay-by-link’ invoice. This incurs an additional 2% charge.
Can I cancel an order?
An order can only be cancelled if we have not processed the enquiry. If the enquiry has been processed, we will endeavour to cancel all of the plan requests that we can. You will be liable for any charges incurred to ourselves.