Utility Mapping with CAD All-in-One

Our CAD All-in-One service allows you to view all of the utility mapping information in one place. The information is transposed from the .pdf search report onto a .dwg OS Map.

We then generate a layered .pdf file that you can use to compare and contrast with your designs. Simply upload the file into any CAD software, such as AutoCAD, select “import as object” and away you go with your utility mapping all in place.

If you’re collecting your utility mapping data prior to creating your designs, having all the information in one place can be a serious boost in fitting your creation around potential obstacles. Who knows – it may even inspire you to take the design in a unique and wonderful direction.

If you’ve already created your designs prior to collecting your stats search, you can still upload your results into your CAD software – we recommend you do this in a copy of your existing file, so you have a backup of your original design. You can then contrast and adjust your design to fit the results.

CAD Utility Mapping is the ideal way to align your existing designs with the local utility map, in a language that makes sense to you and your team.

Our prices start from £70.00+VAT. Prices will be confirmed to you via email. You can email us on enquiries@stats-search.co.uk for more information, or set up an account to get started.

cad utility mapping