Why Stats Search?

If you are planning to dig a hole in the ground it is crucial that you understand what is beneath the surface. A desktop utility search report collates plans from the utility companies to give an indication of what is present. The law (NRSWA 91), CDM Regulations and health and safety guidance HS(G)47 reinforce this. Failure to understand what is beneath the surface can result in a utility strike which is not only costly but can potentially endanger life.

Our Mission

To provide the best value utility searches on the web.

Our Aim

We aim to produce the most comprehensive search reports, with the fastest possible turnaround times for the best possible price. Essentially we would like you to have your cake and eat it.

Why Us?

Turnaround Times

We aim to have your search complete within 10 working days. The turnaround time is however dependant on what you order. A basic search (consisting of gas, electricity, water, sewer & BT plans) typically takes 3-4 working days. A fibre search typically takes 9-10 working days. We issue reports on the same day that they are completed. If you require the plans sooner, please email us and we will send over what we have – Free of Charge.

A CAD ‘All-in-One’ order will be sent up to 3 days after the desktop utility search report is complete.


Our proposition is simple. You pay a standard fee for each type of search plus the cost of the disbursements to the utility companies (we do not add mark-ups to these). We issue reports as soon as they are complete. In contrast, many of our competitors offer various service levels which can be confusing and are often costly.


By carefully controlling overheads and utilising the best possible systems and processes, we are able to offer market leading pricing.

Comprehensiveness of Search

We cover the whole of the UK. We search all known Distribution Network Operators and Independent Distribution Network Operators. We constantly review our fibre search as the industry is continually evolving. We offer a transport search which is particularly useful to highways professionals.


We are rigorous in terms of process and staff training to ensure that your reports are correct first time, every time.


You will be assigned an account manager who will be responsible for your search from the outset. You will have one point of contact for any queries/problems.