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Obtaining utility search records can be a time consuming and complicated task. Any construction professional who needs to excavate will require a utility records search at the design/feasibility stage of a project. We at Ltd are here to help. It is our mission to provide the best value searches on the web. We aim to have the most comprehensive online stats search, with the fastest turnaround times at the lowest possible cost.

  • Turnaround times up to 10 working days**
  • Extremely comprehensive search options
  • PAS 128 survey Level D compliant
  • Easy online ordering
  • Cover all of the UK
  • Any size site (We love large complicated sites!)
  • Data issued electronically in .pdf report format


*Price excludes the cost of disbursements to the utility companies
** Ltd is not responsible for any delay caused by the utility companies

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  • 10 years of experience in all aspects of desktop searches
  • Highly developed systems and processes
  • Well trained staff
  • We strive for continuous improvement